More Visual Journals

Remains of the Day was the first online art class I took from Mary Ann Moss back in 2011. After I finished making my little book of scraps, I filmed a video of myself flipping through its pages:

This summer I'm taking Sketchbookery, and I've already bound a sketchbook with watercolor paper and a repurposed cover. It was the first time I've bound a text block instead of just stitching through the cover itself, and I'm thrilled with how sturdy the book feels.

I'm also nearing the end of my current visual journal, which I've been working in for several years now. Soon I'll be able to do a flip-through video of that one as well. That thing is fat as a tick.

 Visual Journal

Here's a spread from the journal that I completed last night, using hand-painted paper, tulip paint and vinyl letter stickers.

"Royals" was going through my head at the time but I didn't have enough G stickers to write "Grey Goose." Hence "chain." Which looks a little like "chair" because the N got cut off, and it makes me laugh to think of a chair made out of gold teeth.

Gold Teeth Journal Spread

Did you know that babies keep visual journals, too? Liam loves helping me with mine. Sometimes when I need to keep him busy for a few minutes I hand him my bin of collage ephemera and let him go to town.

It's always helpful to have another discerning eye.