Great Arguments in Art History

I'm not allowed to use acrylic paint in the bedroom anymore.

My husband finally painted over the Pepto Bismol pink that's been plaguing our walls since we moved into our house six years ago. He also painted over countless paint spatters from my marbling, stenciling, printmaking and spray painting experiments.

"No more art in the bedroom," he said.

I informed him that watercolor washes off easily with a damp rag. We reached a compromise. Diego and Frieda had similar agreements, I'm sure.

So. I painted this watercolor based on a photo my brother took, and was pleased with the way it came out. It uses three colors: Winsor lemon, alizarin crimson and thalo blue.

 Painting without Sharpie Marker Outline

Then I went over the painting with a Sharpie and added some white highlights with a pen. It's amazing what a difference those two small touches made.

 Painting with Sharpie Marker Outline

I'd love to get to a proficiency level with watercolor where I don't have to rely on Sharpies for darks. But there's something about it I love.

Mary Ann Moss, one of my favorite art bloggers, has been busting out some amazing color combinations. She's inspired me to buy a tube of Moonglow.

While I wait for my new paint to come in the mail, I've been reading Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory by Stephen Quiller. It makes my head spin. In a good way.