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Make Silhouette Stencils for Gelli® Prints

Make Silhouette Stencils for Gelli® Prints

I love making my own stencil designs, but it gets tedious quickly—even with a stencil burner.

This weekend I decided to try making my own Gelli® plate stencils with the Silhouette Portrait (a die-cutting machine).

Step One: Gather Materials

First I tried the Silhouette Stencil Material material. I didn't realize until I bought it that it's backed with super-sticky adhesive. So it won't work with the Gelli® plate. (It's also pricy: $10 bought me barely enough material to make three stencils.)

After wasting a roll of the Silhouette stencil material, I moved on to some EZ Cut. This worked like a charm. Just put your blade on setting 9 or 10, and it will cut like buttah.

Step Two: Choose A Design

I downloaded three stencil designs from the Silhouette Design Store:

I edited the files slightly to make them rectangular instead of square, then I ran them through the Silhouette.

Step three: Cut your stencils

Here's what the stencils look like after they've been used once or twice:

Three Stencils

And here's an example of the half moon overlay mask print and a ghost print:

Half Moon Stencil and Ghost Print

Pretty nice, right?

After I made the half-moon stencil, I made my own stencil design. I thought the lines of the handwriting might be too skinny for Gelli® printing, but it worked pretty well. (It also makes a nice, if slightly obscured, reverse transfer image.)

Handwriting Stencil Print

All in all, I cut four stencils with the Silhouette Portrait and spent two hours making Gelli® prints.

Here are the finished prints drying on my bedroom floor:

Finished Prints

They're not finished works of art (yet), but they'll make awesome collages.

Download the Handwriting Stencil for Silhouette Studio

I've included the handwriting studio file so you can download it and cut out your own Silhouette stencil for Gelli® prints, scrapbooking, or whatever creative projects you're working on.

Just click on the image below to download the .Studio file to your computer. Then open it within the Silhouette Studio software.

I also scanned the finished Gelli® prints at 300DPI and saved them to my Flickr feed under a "Creative Commons" license. If you're into digital collage or digital scrapbooking and want to use them in your projects, check them out here.

Let me know what you create!

Note: I have received permission to use the Gelli® trademark, which is owned by Gelli Arts® LLC.

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