Project Life Style Guide

Project Life Style Guide

Project Life 2013 was a total bust.

I spent months obsessing over album dimensions and agonizing over spreads, only to finish one page.


Granted I was busy with a baby and a full-time job. But memory-keeping is still important to me, so I resolved to set some guidelines for 2014. That way, I don't have to reinvent the wheel with every spread. I can just focus on telling a good story.

I started by creating a "mood board" on Pinterest, adding notes on how I wanted to incorporate similar looks into my 2014 Project Life album.

I then distilled my favorite colors, fonts and techniques into a Project Life Style Guide for 2014:

Project Life Style Guide

The lowdown: muted, natural colors and textures with a few pops of color. Lots of photos unified by a few subtle filters. Minimal clutter.

In my research, I found a quote by Pink Ronnie that really resonated with me:

"For the last half a year, I’ve been practicing the art of taking less photos: rather than snapping up every single frame at every single opportunity, I’ve been learning to only capture the moments that move me. This has been a huge change in the way I photograph: rather than cluttering up my camera and subsequently hard drive with photos that will never get looked at or printed, I’m choosing to take photographs that matter and that tell a story. This also makes the whole Project Life process a lot simpler, because choosing photos becomes a lot easier."

My goal for 2014 is to tell my own story in a simple, cohesive way: documenting the moments that move me, while also honing my graphic design skills.

What are your plans for Project Life in 2014?