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Our Trip to Canada, 2014 Edition

Our Trip to Canada, 2014 Edition

I spent last week in a lakeside cabin in remote Canada.

I've accompanied my husband and his parents there several times, but this is the first time we've taken our son.

I dreaded spending the week stuck in a cabin with a fussy toddler. But we all had a good time, my toddler included.

I didn't get much reading done, but I did manage to complete a few watercolors.


I snapped a photo of each painting before adding black outlines with a thin Sharpie. I think the outline improves the paintings, but I don't want to start using this technique as a crutch.

Maybe I can experiment with adding similar outlines using a dark shade of watercolor, so the effect isn't quite so severe.

Towels Drying by Lake, No Outline
Towels Drying by Lake with Outline

I would have liked to do more sketches and paintings of my toddler, but he moves so fast these days. Breakfast is the only time he sits still for more than a second or two.

Liam Having Breakfast, no Outline

If I did this painting again, I'd add a much darker value behind the back of his high chair. I do like how the skin tones turned out.

Liam Having Breakfast, Outline
Canada 2014: The Movie

Canada 2014: The Movie

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