November Paper Swap

November Paper Swap

I participated in my first ever paper swap!

Paper Swap

When I signed up, I was selected at random to receive a packet of paper from the swap's organizer, LaWendula. She not only included a great assortment of papers (plus a few of her own collages), but she wrapped it all up in little nesting-doll like packages.

I had SO MUCH FUN tearing it all open, you would have thought it was Christmas.

It's amazing how inspiring someone else's scraps can be. For example, I don't usually cut images out of magazines to use in collage. But receiving cutouts selected by a stranger has opened my eyes to a bunch of new possibilities.

I can't wait to incorporate these into my next collage journal:

Paper Swap Ephemera

The same is true of the collages themselves. I love how LaWendula uses simple elements to create something so beautiful. And I love how all the different pieces in this set work together:

Paper Swap

The collages weren't the only fun surprises hidden within the envelope. Just look at the picture below: EIGHT beautiful little pockets made of paper and washi tape, all housed one inside the other.

You can't tell from the photo, but we're talking teeny-tiny. I don't even know how she got them all inside each other. I tried to put them back and couldn't make them fit.

Paper Swap Pockets

Not only did this paper swap net me with a bunch of new collage supplies, but it also gave me lots of ideas for the next paper swap. My next swap partner better watch out, because I am ON MY GAME.

I think I'm going to start making Artist Trading Cards again, too. These are LaWendula's—aren't they beautiful?

Paper Swap ATCs

You can read more about the paper swap and sign up here.