Lancaster Creative Reuse

Lancaster Creative Reuse

Have you heard of "creative reuse" stores?

They're basically thrift stores that specialize in arts and crafts materials. I'd never heard of them until last week, when a friend told me about Lancaster Creative Reuse.


I visited the nonprofit store on Friday, and it's taken me this long to form coherent thoughts about the trip.

For years I've scoured Goodwill and the Salvation Army and yard sales for this stuff: old wallpaper and rubber stamps and fabric scraps. And here it is in one location.

Wallpaper at Lancaster Creative Reuse
Stamps at Lancaster Creative Reuse
Stained Glass at Lancaster Creative Reuse
Bottles at Lancaster Creative Reuse

Lancaster Creative Reuse also has a work room where, for $2, you can sit down and craft onsite. Need inspiration? Flip through their huge collection of old arts and craft magazines. Need supplies? Just grab them off the shelves.

I came home with a huge book of hand-painted wallpaper, a dozen rubber stamps, a packet of vintage ephemera, and some odds and ends—all for a little over nine dollars. And I am definitely going back soon.

I also see that there are similar creative reuse stores in Ephrata, York, Harrisburg, and who knows what else. So I have lots of new places to visit this summer!