I'm finding inspiration close to home.

I'm finding inspiration close to home.

I've been talking to people around the office about vlogging ever since I posted my first vlog a few days ago. These conversations have reminded me just how talented my coworkers are.

Check out this video, for example, by Kris Zajac. He describes it as "just a fun little experiment that I shot in my backyard with some extension tubes." I think it's pure brilliance.

Skywalkers Al Sur is a project by someone I used to work with. He and his buddy are now hiking across South America, and making a movie about the process. I know very little about hiking, but I'm excited to follow their adventure. Not because of the video quality (which is awesome) but because they tell such a compelling story.

Then there's Jeff Gray, an After Effects wizard whose video of Raystown Lake blows mine right out of the water. (Pun intended.) I've had to stop myself from calling his office 9,582 times with questions about After Effects, which I'm trying to learn. One day my willpower will weaken. I will probably call him and he will probably be gracious about it and not make me feel like an idiot, because that's the kind of guy he is.

And let's not forget Rebecca Halton, who's published one book and has a second in the works. She's been sharing her Facebook marketing wisdom with me and inspiring me with her vulnerable videos about writing, ministry and life in general. (I embedded a YouTube video below, but she has much more on her Facebook page.)

Once I move out of my maternity office, I'm going to be sharing an office with Rebecca and Kevin Knezic, the video producer-turned digital content wunderkind who's been helping me figure out vlogging. Unlike Jeff Gray, Kevin works across the hall from me and therefore bears the brunt of my incessant questions. (Thanks, Kev.)

His "year in review" videos have been inspiring me to make my own videos since 2014. This year Clara made her debut. 

Who's been inspiring you lately? Family, coworkers, strangers, friends—share their work with me so we can all be inspired together.