I'm on a book-binding bender.

I'm on a book-binding bender.

I finally made my own handbound journal!

I used a pad of 11"x14", 98-lb. Canson "Mix Media" paper. Then I ripped out the pages and folded them in half to create the signatures.

Hand Bound Journal with Coptic Stitch

I used the back of the pad of paper as the covers, then glued on a purple version of this paper.

The binding is coptic stitch, plus some old grommets I had lying around. I added a little Elmer's glue to the spine to give it strength.

Handbound Journal Spine in Coptic Stitch

What I'm going to do differently in my next journal:

  • Use colored embroidery thread. (Why do all that work on the spine if it's just going to be white against white?)
  • Add some decorative paper spacers to the ends of each signature, whether or not I learn that darned accordion fold.
  • Sew the signatures more carefully and DON'T FORGET TO LOOP THE TOP STITCH.
  • Not pull so hard on the thread. (I ripped the holes in a few spots.)
  • Use this awl gauge.

Yes; I broke down and bought some overpriced doohickey from some book binding shop in London. Punching holes in the signatures is my least favorite part of bookbinding, and I'm hoping that an awl gauge will speed up the process and keep everything straighter.