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First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

Our son's first birthday was last week, and on Saturday we had his birthday party at my parents' house.


At first I joked that the theme was going to be "Come eat some freakin' cake." But when I started preparing everything, I realized that having a theme made things easier.


Our son doesn't watch much TV, but he did binge watch an entire season of Sesame Street one week when he had the flu. So it seemed only appropriate to have a Sesame Street themed party.


Most of these ideas I stole from Pinterest: the ball pit, the Sesame Street signs, the cookie decorating station, the trash can pudding, the birthday book ...


OK, pretty much everything is stolen from Pinterest.


Except for the photos. The photos are stolen from my brother. I was so busy holding the birthday boy, or force-feeding him cake icing or opening his presents, that I didn't get to snap many of my own.


Thankfully my brother is a talented photographer. 

A Peek into My Art Journal

A Peek into My Art Journal

Everybody's marbling for the weekend.

Everybody's marbling for the weekend.