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Everybody's marbling for the weekend.

Everybody's marbling for the weekend.

Actually, nobody's marbling for the weekend except me.

You people don't know what you're missing.

Finished Marbled Papers

I spent almost an hour just blending colors until I arrived at a palette I liked: an Easter-y mix of pink, teal, yellow and orange. I spent another few hours experimenting with patterns and papers.


Here's what I learned

Time spent perfecting color palettes is totally worth it.

Marbling looks more unified when you include two or more values of a color (i.e., the dark and light pink above.)

Printing on patterned paper completely changes the look of a marbled design – sometimes for the better, sometimes not. I discovered that the patterns show through the marbling better once the paper has dried.

Overmarbling can create some intricate effects, but I still cannot get the hang of Moire. It always comes out looking like a mistake.

Marbling Tray Print 1

Did you know you could take "prints" from the bottom of your marbling tray after you've dumped out the carrageenan solution?


You can see scans of all my marbled papers (I'm amassing quite a collection) on Flickr.

First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

Marbling Class with Diane Maurer

Marbling Class with Diane Maurer