Delta's Breastfeeding Debacle

Delta's Breastfeeding Debacle

A friend of mine recently shared a blog post detailing a Twitter exchange between Delta and a nursing mom.

The mom’s baby refused to nurse under a cover. She asked @DeltaAssist if she could breastfeed without a cover on the 6-hour flight. @DeltaAssist said no.

I, too, have a baby who refuses to breastfeed under a cover. So I understand Lindsay’s plight. I logged onto Twitter to share my disappointment in Delta’s response. That’s when I saw their post about Mardi Gras … and flashing.

So … it’s fine to flash your boobs in public, as long as you’re not feeding your child.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Society has been sending this mixed message to mothers for generations. But to have it so demonstrated so clearly, on the social media feed of a major airline, is mind-blowing.

Friends in the aviation business tell me that Delta is actually very supportive of nursing mothers, and that @DeltaAssist’s tweet is likely the mistake of an untrained employee. Fine. But I’m not letting Delta off the hook until they make it clear that all nursing mothers are welcome on board.

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