Content Marketing Adventure Policy

My content marketing experiment continues.

In May, when I began preparing my content marketing workshop for HippoCamp, I realized that I couldn’t just speak from professional experience. I had to speak from personal experience, too. If I was going to tell writers to create a personal brand, an editorial calendar and a content marketing plan, I had to do those things as well.

So I did. And by July, I’d gotten myself into a pretty good content marketing groove. I was writing a few blog posts a week and posting to Twitter and Facebook just as regularly. Then my schedule filled up, my motivation waned and I lost my groove.

I still believe that consistency is important.

I’m still trying to find a blogging rhythm that lets me share my voice without killing me in the process. Yesterday I transcribed a short journal entry and posted it to The Skeleton Club. It was short, raw, and took all of twenty minutes. People seemed to like it, so that’s something I’ll probably continue.

I’m also eager to start making videos. Blogger Mary Ann Moss has been posting luscious videos from her recent trip to Sweden. She’s titled them “The Moss Sisters Adventure Policy:

Isn’t that fun? Seeing Mary Ann’s work reminds me that this process isn’t just about posting stuff online. It’s about sucking the marrow from life. It's about pushing oneself to be more open and honest and adventurous.

As I was nursing the baby last night I watched this video about Casey Neistat, a vlogger I’d never heard of but am now eager to follow:

I love how Neistat pushes himself to create something beautiful every single day. The people who are out there, making stuff, and sharing their experiences with the world: this is what inspires me about content marketing. This is why I'm excited about the upcoming content marketing conference. This is what fuels me to keep making stuff and posting it online. Even if I have to do it at night after the kids go to bed, or in the morning before work. Even if I get derailed by depression or a busy schedule or both. This is what brings me back, replenishes my energy, and keeps me pushing forward. 

I hope it fuels you, too.

Image by Pixabay and used under a Creative Commons license.