Free Blog Schedule Templates

Free Blog Schedule Templates

Blog schedules (or as some people call them, blog editorial calendars): I’ve given lip service to the idea more than once, but I’ve never actually created one … until now.

I envy bloggers who post seven days a week. I marvel at people who schedule my guest blog post months in advance because they have other content already in queue. But until recently, creating a blog schedule seemed so regimented. I can barely remember to floss; how can I stick to a blog schedule?

I’m not sure if the envy finally broke me down, or the shame of being someone who doesn’t take her own advice. But with the holidays fast approaching and a bunch of new projects on the horizon, I realized I'd better get my butt in gear.

You can create a blog schedule with Google Calendar or a WordPress plugin. But I prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper version, so I created my own. In it, I’ve included space for daily themes and ideas that haven’t been scheduled.

My Blog Schedule & How It Works

My blog schedule includes “themes” for each day of the week. This structure makes it easier to create new posts: instead of trying to create an idea from scratch, I simply have to think of a topic that fits that day’s theme.

Click on one of the templates below to open the image in a new window and print it out for your own use:

Options for daily themes include:

•   Tips, tools and how-tos
•   Personal essays
•   Interviews or Q&As
•   Guest posts
•   Link roundups

As you can see from the image at top, I use Post-it notes to organize my blog schedule. That makes it easy to rearrange things if I miss a day or have to reschedule a guest blog post.

What tricks and tools do YOU use to maintain a successful blog schedule? Let me know in the comments section below.