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Art Restraining Order

Art Restraining Order

Did you ever spend hours on a painting or a collage, reassess your work, then think, "What on earth is wrong with me?"

That was me this morning. I spent most of Sunday morning making Gelli® prints. I was thrilled with the way the prints turned out, so I decided to glue them down on some canvas panel and start a collage.

Chevron Gelli ®  Print

I fussed with the collage late into the evening, and went to bed thinking I had gotten it to a pretty good place. Then I woke up in the morning and realized I am a crazy person and should never be allowed within 100 yards of Mod-Podge again.

Roses Gelli ®  Print

I like the Gelli® prints, so I'm posting pictures of those instead. Some look close to being finished works of art.

How do you finish an abstract piece without overworking it to death?

I haven't figured this out yet, which is usually why I end up posting my Gelli® prints and nothing else.

Polka Dots Gelli ®  Print

Unfortunately I cut up my favorite Gelli® print to use it in the Collage That Will Not Be Named. At least I scanned it first. Now it can forever live on in my memory.

Orange and Blue Roses Gelli ®  Print

Note: I have received permission to use the Gelli® trademark, which is owned by Gelli Arts® LLC.

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