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Adventures in Indecision

Adventures in Indecision

There are lots of good things brewing in my art journal this summer.

Lately I've been going back and editing some of the spreads that didn't please me. I'm a perfectionist. I wish I could just leave things alone and move on to new work, but I can't. I do, however, scan the spreads in at multiple stages, so I can track how they evolve over time.

Like these bird spreads below. The bottom picture is the most recent version. The black and white patterns on the top spread were too busy and discordant. Now it has a repeating bird motif, and the pink ties everything together nicely.

(The paper on the bottom left uses a scraped paint technique I learned from Jane Davies' Scribble Collage DVD. Highly recommended!)

Bird Art Journal, Before and After

Next: the butterfly spread.

I liked the original butterfly spread, but I wasn't crazy about it. It seemed wishy-washy. I tried coloring over the left side of the page with Sharpies but that just made it worse, so in frustration I sewed a bunch of elements down over top of it. Then I tore up a portion of the packing tape transfer on the right hand side and reattached it, creating a ghost image. Finally I sewed a transparent sheet over top.

Butterflies Spread, Before and After

This lady on the right of the next spread was too damn impertinent. I tried covering her up with some sheet music and spray paint, but that wasn't working. So I drew a cassette tape over top with black and gold Sharpies. But now the two pages are completely different from one another.

I imagine I'll cover it up with something else entirely, but I haven't figured out what yet.

Lady and Cassette Spread

How do you fix artwork that just isn't working for you? Or do you let it go and move on?

Art Journal Update

Art Journal Update

That Dieter Roth Guy

That Dieter Roth Guy