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Art is My Drug

Art is My Drug

I went to Michael's to pick up some molding paste so I could make texture plates for Gelli printing.

While browsing the shelves, I discovered that the Liquitex Professional Grade Spray Paint was on clearance, $3.49 a can down from $12. I bought seven cans, and left thinking maybe I should have bought more. Because, damn, that's a good price.

It brought back memories of doing this:

Spray Paint Stencils

Buying spray paint is awkward these days because it's locked in a case. And you have to go get an employee to unlock the case. And then she stands there giving you the side-eye while you ponder the difference between cadmium red light hue five and cadmium red light hue three.

The Letter K

Surely I would have done Whip-Its in the aisle of Michael's Arts & Crafts had I not been supervised.

JUST KIDDING. Art is my drug, yo.

Rainbow Spray Painting

And it's summer and there's a three-day weekend coming up and now I have all of these cans of paint, plus some new nozzles in case mine clog.

Stencil Table

Life is good.

Liquitex Spray Paint

Very, very good.

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